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Atomic SMTP

The use of the SMTP protocol for outgoing mail means you need a top-quality SMTP service to support bulk e-mailings. The Atomic SMTP service provides you with the opportunity to avoid searching out some third-party SMTP service and instead get an all-in-one SMTP service – that fulfils your requirements for speed, efficiency, legal issues, and more.

The Atomic SMTP service can bypass the ISP cap on numbers of e-mail messages sent per day and distribute up to 3750 emails/hour for unlimited mailing lists. The service supports alternative ports and guarantees deliver for all sent e-mails.

Additionally, the service enables you to to detect and delete non-existent e-mail addresses, "dead" domains, and the contact details for unsubscribed recipients. Detailed delivery reports are generated in the form of intuitive charts or local files.

Atomic SMTP is completely integrated with multiple bulk mailers – Atomic Mail Sender, The Bat!, Microsoft Outlook, and more. And you don’t need to install any third-party additional service or software tools.

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