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Online Mobile and SMS

Online mobile and SMS marketing uses an online service to send mass text messages. Expand your reach by sending text messages via the Internet rather than via mobile phones.

Our SMS service supports unlimited subscribers' phone numbers lists and sender IDs - you can even specify a different sender name for each campaign. Create SMS templates for easier campaign organization and schedule delivery dates and times for greatest effectiveness.

For every personalized or mass SMS campaign, you receive detailed statistical reports. Preview the campaign on your phone by adding your number as a control, so you can be sure everything’s correct before you start the mass distribution.

Online service is not the only way to send bulk SMS deliveries. You can easily integrate the service into various projects and send text messages via the Atomic Software gateway. We developed the Atomic SMS software for Windows, so that you can execute mobile marketing campaigns from your PC or laptop desktop using only an Internet connection.

Atomic SMS Sender Screenshots

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