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Online List Management

Online list management is implemented for several web-based products. There solutions were designed to verify email addresses, and to manage addresses in one list or merge several lists simultaneously.

The verification is undertaken in two steps, syntax check and domain check, for optimum accuracy and targeting of future email marketing campaigns. All list manager's software supports unlimited mailing lists, running the operations in minutes and providing detailed statistics.

With the usage of Atomic Online List Managers you can remove duplicates, extract e-mail addresses, sort lists, remove suspicious e-mails, check top-level domains, merge lists, intersect lists, and remove lists.

Every Atomic Online List Manager will work with lists of unlimited size and offers rich functionality for creating good mailing lists. The user friendly interface makes it easy to manage and work with the service. The final results can be saved to a local file and used for any number of mass e-mailings in future.

Atomic Mail Verifier Online – a web-based service for checking the validity of email addresses in the uploaded lists.

Atomic List Manager Online – an online service to manage both single and multiple mailing lists for merging, sorting, and storing according to specified criteria.

Best online program ever! We used desktop solutions in the past but the online has no restrictions on where we can check our lists!

Ed N.

A great tool, especially for people who need to maintain several mailing lists. Excellent customer service also. It is perfect for my company. Very impressive!

Paul Martin