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Online Mailers

Atomic's Online include both web-based services for sending newsletters and online services for tracking sent email messages. The main advantage of these services is that you do not need to specify your own mailing settings or find SMTP-servers; the service will automatically choose the optimal way to do this. Atomic Online Mailers offer the same high quality as our downloadbale software products and are capable of providing the same rich functionality.

Atomic Email Service – a web-based service for sending bulk newsletters.

The Atomic Email Service was developed to create and send bulk personalized mailings. Built-in options for mailing-list magement provide the opportunity to block or remove unsubscribed recipients. You can also create individual unsubscribe links/pages (required by many countries)and automate the unsubscribe process. The full-featured HTML-editor enables you to create, save and use your own email templates. The detailed campaign statistics show you who opened your email, and what links they clicked on.

Atomic Email Tracker – a web-based service for email campaign monitoring.

One of the main advantages of this monitoring solution is that you can track and analyze your email campaign results and see detailed reports of user activities. The data you get will contain not only the recipient activity report, but also the date and time each e-mail was opened orclicked, delivery errors, etc. User-friendly statistics charts let you analyze campaign efficiency compared with previous campaigns.

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Vicky Llerena

This is a super great software. I love it.