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List Managers

Atomic List Managers have a wide range of available options for effective e-mail list management. They work with an unlimited number of emails and support both single and multiple lists. You can easily intersect the lists, extract email addresses only if your lists contain additional unwanted information. Sort, split or merge the lists by various criteria, deduplicate, remove suspicious or bad emails – and much more.

Besides list merging, Atomic List Managers are able to verify the existence of email addresses and correct misspelled email addresses. Want to be able to subscribe or unsubscribe current clients automatically and send them email replies almost without intervention? Atomic List Managers are the perfect solution for you. With the help of Atomic List Managers, you can build high-quality and personalized lists for mass e-mail campaigns.

Atomic List Manager – the perfect solution for managing and merging mailing lists if you need to work with one or several lists of email addresses.

Atomic Subscription Manager – software designed to automate the subscribe/unsubscribe process.

Atomic Email Autoresponder – the must-have program if you want to communicate with customers efficiently.

Atomic Mail Verifier – one of the best products for verifying and validateing email addresses.

…You have made a great piece of software. We cut out 3000 bad email address from our list of 12000.


After searching through the Internet for an email address verifier we found Atomic Mail Verifier, a really perfect software, and we decided to opt for it. Its truly an awesome product.

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