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Email Extractors

Atomic Email Extractors offer different capabilities depending on the type and objectives of your planned extraction operations. You can choose the program that best fits your needs, and extract contact information from the targeted websites or social networks, newsgroups or databases, local files or CDs/DVDs, and more. There is an additional option to extract email addresses from your email accounts and Atomic databases.

Each Email Extractor lets you undertake advance searches by specifying hunting limitations, depth level, special keywords, or a list of topical URLs.

Additional built-in and external plugins help to process more data types so you can add more e-mail addresses to your list. Save all the information into a text file, on the clipboard or with any Microsoft Office application. Like the rest of our software, Atomic Email Extractors are fully integrated with all Atomic applications, in particular with those that check e-mails for validity and mass mailers.

Atomic Email Hunter – software for extracting email addresses from the web by keywords or target URLs; the program can also harvest every contact email address from a user's mailbox.

Atomic Lead Extractor – the best solution for extracting additional contact information, beyond email addresses. This software supports additional plugins and can extract phone and fax numbers, Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AIM identities.

Atomic Email Logger – designed to explore files stored on your hard drive and find available email addresses.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer – an effective program for processing UseNet newsgroups and extracting a list of email addresses and usernames.

Atomic Whois Explorer – software for exploring the global whois database; the program is capable of extracting domain name administrators',website owners' and other contact information.

Atomic Web Spider – this software explores websites that users visits with their browser and extracts all available email addresses.

Atomic CD Email Extractor – software for extracting email addresses from CD/DVD disks.

Simple interface and fast searching, one of the best which I tested.


When I first came across Atomic Email Hunter I could not believe in the features it offers. It's such a complete software for such a good price, I really recommend it to any Internet Marketing expert or newbie that takes Internet Marketing seriously.

Tiago Pereira