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Atomic Databases

Using Atomic Databases can make your searches more relevant, because each contains structured topical information. For example, if you need a list of website URL addresses on computer-related subjects, you would open the Atomic Web Catalogue, select the appropriate category, and extract all the website links. With the help of Email Extractor, you can go on to search for email addresses within the extracted websites and set up target mailing lists.

The information in each and every Atomic Database is categorized in digital and alphabetical order into groups. You can also manage or filter the information in every database to select the most targeted information. Due to the fact that our databases are designed to be used with other marketing products, it is easy to export the data provided you specify the appropriate column names or data types.

Atomic Web Catalogue – contains more than 1.4 million websites organized into multiple topics.

Atomic Domain Catalogue – a database of more than 70 million domain names.

Atomic Whois Database – this database contains over 15 million domain names as well as the contact information for their owners and administrators.

I needed easy to use software for my email marketing campaign. I looked and looked. I paid for several other products that were difficult to understand. Nothing was suitable enough. Then I found Atomic products. Thanks, guys! You’ve made my life easier!

Eduardo Romero

The email marketing products here are very good and wonderful. The who is who database is very loaded and comprehensive and saved me alot of time on data gathering. I am happy that I bought this product

Sunmola Olalekan
busky comm ltd