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Welcome to AtomPark Software

AtomPark Software was founded in 2001 as an international security and Internet marketing software development company. As a Microsoft certified partner and member of the ISDEF (Independent Software Developers Forum), we are proud to produce easy to install and user-friendly software products and services that deliver a fast return on investment for corporate clients, SMBs and home PC users under the Atomic label.

Our business strategy is focused on our customers' and partners' needs, and we continue to grow the size of our satisfied customer base all over the world.

Atomic products designed by AtomPark Software fall into the following categories:

  • Bulk Mailers – our bulk mailers support e-mail merging capability and enable users to create and send professional-looking personalized email newsletters. In addition, users can track open and click-thru rates for all e-mail marketing campaigns. Click here for more information on sending mass mailings.
  • Email Extractors – our email extractorsenable clients to extract e-mail addresses and other contact information from websites, by keyword or website search, from social networks, whois databases, local files, CDs/DVDs, newsgroup and more. Click here for more information on expanding your e-mail address and contact list.
  • List Managers – list management software helps clients manage their mailing lists by verifying email addresses, deduplicating, merging or intersecting the lists and much more. The software can also be used to automatically remove subscribers from your mailing list or add new ones. Click here for more information on operating the mailing list management.
  • Databases – our Atomic databases contain information about more than 70 million domain names, websites and their owners' contact information. Click here for more on our database offerings.
  • Online Mailers – our online mailing services are implemented by mass mailer for email campaigns and newsletter tracker for campaign monitoring. Click here for more about our online mailers functionality.
  • Online Mobile and SMS – our online mobile mailing service is implemented through a mass SMS sender. You can send SMS via the Internet on users' mobile phones or integrate our SMS gateway into your own project. Click here to learn more about sending SMS messages over the Internet.
  • Online List management – online list management is handled through the online service to verify e-mail addresses and a service to operate the mailing lists. We offer a free introductory usage period for our online list managers. Click here for more information about managing mailing lists online.

Our websites

www.massmailsoftware.com — e-mail marketing products, both localy-installed software and online services.

www.amailsender.com — bulk e-mailing tools for list management, e-mail address verification and mass e-newsletter distribution.

www.massreach.com — email marketing software for collecting targeted e-mail addresses and other contact data from the WEB, mailboxes, hard drives, and CDs or DVDs.

http://www.massmailsoftware.com/blog/ — Atomic's email marketing blog focuses on expanding people’s email marketing knowledge and provide expert advice as to the best ways to create effective e-marketing campaigns.

I had a very great help by Galina Bondarenko of your support team. I could purchase the Email Hunter with her help. Thanks Galina. Thanks... Read more »

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The atomic e-mail softwares bundle is our #1 marketing tool! »

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Your software is incredible. It has made our marketing campaign so much more affective. Thank you »

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